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Now more than ever, gyms, resorts and schools can easily add BOGAFIT and BOGAYOGA classes. The board comes packed and rolled up in a small roll, inflates in minutes using the ePUMP and is extremely durable. These are built using the same technology Olympic Gymnasts train with.The FITMAT’s square outline provides a smaller, more stable, lighter base and at a lower cost than traditional SUP boards. FITMATs can be easily stacked as there are no fins or rolled up and packed away. All boards come with BOGA’s proven tie system for easy anchoring in pools.


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FITMAT – Floating Fitness and YOGA Mat

    • Beautifully designed pad is extra long (for those downward dog poses!)
    • Soft and comfortable on the feet, hands, and head!
    • EVA mat is made with quick water wicking material
    • Durable composition makes it’s surface area scratch resistant
    • Great for classes/rental fleets that get a lot of use
    • Netting for storage & built in anchoring system
    • Lightweight and easy to carry

    The BOGA FITMAT is the perfect solution for pools because of it’s incredible stability and durability. A great solution for fitness anywhere there is water!


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