Float your fitness with the BOGA FITMAT. A Floating Fitness Mat for Bootcamp fitness, Pilates and YOGA workouts on water.

Perfect for resorts, parks & rec pools, YMCA’s and gyms. Extend your Bootcamp Fitness and Physical Therapy programs to the water. Float your FIT with BOGA!


Like all fitness programs, they are only effective in repetition. This is where the BOGAFit program is successful because it harnesses the natural camaraderie, competition and fun of a shared group setting. You simply can’t just take one BOGAFIT class, once you do it your totally hooked.

As leaders in the Aquatic Fitness industry and years of experience providing award winning products, BOGA is your Aquatic Fitness solution from product to full program service solutions. Contact us today to see how we can set up your gym, resort, community pool or custom aquatic fitness program.

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