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HF Industries has been a leader in commercial and home fitness equipment for almost 35 years. Family owned and operated, we have worked with some of the best brands in the fitness market world wide. HF Industries has the experience to help you with the right equipment to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.


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The only board designed and shaped with the leaders in the SUP YOGA industry. Designed for the ultimate balance and stability for YOGA on water. The official SUP YOGA Board of the Wanderlust YOGA Festival and SUP YOGA leaders such as Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl.

Inspired from the award winning BOGA YOGA Model, the YOGA Air features extended mobility, durability and great paddling performance in one easy lightweight package. Made from military grade drop stitch PVC, the board becomes as rigid as a standard hard board upon inflation with the included dual stage pump. Great for fitness, yoga and for all around paddling for the whole family. The board package includes pump and a high end travel bag with wheels for easy stowage and transport.